Renditöötaja teetöid teostamas


Workforce rent means that we have employees that your company needs. We rent them to you by hour and they perform duties given by you in your company. We take responsibility and care for our employees.

It depends on field and qualification required but average time is 3-4 weeks. By that time all documents are prepared and employee arrived.

We take care of all documents needed – visas, permits, health check-s etc.

This is very unlikely situation but if that happens then no costs or expenses follow.

We will replace employees not suitable for you.

You pay only for the work done by employee – no other fees apply.

Job seeker fills in our form or sends us CV. Information must be correct and as detailed as possible. We contact job seeker in case of additional information needed by us or company interested. When company confirms candidacy, we agree on terms for both sides and organize all documentation requires. If needed, we will help with accommodation.
We will be in touch during whole work relationship with both sides – company and employee and ready to support with whatever questions arise.

Mainly from Ukraine, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus etc.

Rented workforce can be used almost in every field. Some of most popular ones are different industries (metal-, sewing-, wood etc.), agriculture and building.

First, we look at your criteria and then start with a very comprehensive recruitment process. We do not make any concessions during recruitment and we thoroughly investigate the experience, knowledge and background of our employees. For us, it is important that the employees have previous work experience in the area you want to implement them. After our selection, we will introduce you to the candidates and, if you wish, make sure they are suitable. We make our pre-selection, the final decision comes from you!

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