9 most common misconceptions about workforce rent

There is a lot of incredulity and different inaccurate opinions about workforce rent and rental workers. This in turn raises doubts among companies who really need additional workers.

Nuvalo Employ wrote down 9 most common misconceptions about workforce rent and foreign labor.

  1. People come here, but they are not actually doing any work

It is thought that foreign workers, who come to Estonia, are not actually doing any real work and will get their paycheck by hanging around and presenting misinformation about their working hours.

Actually, this is not the case.  Usually the first question that foreign workers ask is if they could make longer workdays by working overtime.  Using a maximum of their time for working, they also get paid more. By working overtime, they will increase the company’s productivity and through that also their competitiveness. Presenting work hours to the renting firm is the companies task, just to avoid inaccurate work hours presented by rental worker.

  1. Workers from third countries are problematic

It is thought that foreign workers have alcohol problems. Actually, our recruitment procedures are very thorough. From the beginning, we select out all the workers that might cause any problems in the future and will not choose them as our workers. Our company has zero tolerance for consuming alcohol or other subsistence.  If there should be an incident where workers use alcohol or other subsistence on the work time, we will send them back immediately and will replace with the new worker.

  1. The Workforce is not competent

Companies are afraid to offer more complicated jobs for rental workers because they think that rental workers are unprofessional. For example, companies do not hire workers to the jobs where it is necessary to work with machines or computers. But actually, Nuvalo employ makes background checks for all the rental workers and also controls their skills, just to be sure that they are professionals.  We will find all the workers a right job that is suitable for their competence.

You can never be sure also with Estonian workers, because sometimes they mention skills and experiences in CV that they never really have. In that case all the hard work and time to find a new employee will be wasted and later on it is necessary to make new expenses to change the worker. With rental workers we can guarantee that they have experiences and professional skills. And if the candidate is not suitable for some reason, then we will find you a new employee immediately.

  1. Afraid of people from foreign culture

Our culture and East-European culture does not have any significant differences that could influence employee being in the company or working there.

  1. Foreign people will take away Estonians work

Quality foreign workforce will strengthen the Estonian economy. In Estonia there is less skilled labour, because goverment promotes universities and other high education institutes. Foreign workforce actually supports the economy and entrepreneurship, raises competitiveness and brings investments.

  1. Workforce rent is expensive

Actually, workforce rent is little bit cheaper or in the same price range. The advantage of foreign workforce is that the company where they work will have no extra costs, like sickness or holiday compensation. Also, companies can increase or decrease the number of the rental workers according to their own needs. If they are decreasing the number of employees, then they don’t have to pay for exit compensation like with their own employees. Using workforce rent is very useful for the companies, where the need for workers is always wavering through certain periods, for example agriculture.

  1. Process takes a lot of time

Our workforce renting process is not time consuming. We can find a necessary employee with 3-4 weeks from recruitment to the time when employee starts at you company. At the same time the company can do everyday work and does not need to spend time for recruitment. If company tries to recruit employees themselves, it usually takes more time- making a job advertisement, contacting the suitable candidates and having a interviews with them. According to the Estonian statistics, it is said that finding a 64% of specialists will take around 2-3 months.

  1. Can’t communicate with workers, because they do not speak my language

Most of the foreign workforce speak Russian and/or English, which is why it is not very complex to teach them a basic knowledge about their work.  Almost in every company there are people who speak one of the mentioned languages and if it happens that the company really does not have anyone who speaks the necessary language, it is possible that our personal specialist will come to the company and will help to translate all the necessary information.

  1. Workers will be here only for a short time

Rental workers will work for the company as long as it is needed. We offer workers for short time and also for the longer period. Usually our workers won’t come to Estonia only for couple of weeks. Generally, we make our workers documents so, that they could be and work in Estonia for 365 days, even if the company needs an employee for only few weeks, we can later on rent them to a new company to work for. If the company wants rental workers for longer period, we will hep them with residence permit. So, it is necessary that the company would mention the period for how long they need workers in the beginning.

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