5 reasons to prefer renting a workforce

Workforce rent is more and more popular form of work. What does the workforce rent mean? Easily explained, it means that company who offers personnel services will find a necessary worker for a client. Then the company will hire the workers and send them to perform their duties to the client company.

We have brought out main reasons why companies rather rent that recruit their own workers.

  1. Workforce rent is flexible

You will never know what the future holds. Often, we can’t predict our company’s employment. Sometimes it feels like everything is okay, when suddenly there more work and not enough workers or other way around. There might be a situation, where there is not enough work for all the workers. In this case company needs to reduce the number of the workers. With rental workers the flexibility is the keyword that separates them from Your own hired workers. You can use rented workers in Your company as long as You need. This way company can easily accept bigger projects, that needs more workforce and through that also be more competitive.

  1. With workforce rent You can forget about vacations

In Estonia there is a law that states that employee must get 28 days of vacation and if the company can not comply with this law then they must pay for the days that was not used. For rental workers You do not need to pay the vacation compensation or even when they get sick. All these costs are going to be covered by the rental company. Renting company also will exchange the employees who go to vacation or who gets sick. So, you do not need to worry about productivity of Your company or about decreasing of production volumes.

  1. Rental company is responsible for the rented workforce

Client who wishes temporary workforce in the company, will not be responsible for recruiting or any aspect that involves this. Rental company will deal with workers welfare and that the cooperation between the company and rented employees is good. All the paperwork, different kind of permits, salary payment and if necessary, then finding an accommodation is a responsibility of rental company.

  1. Workforce rent is risk free

If the workforce will come to the client’s company and if there is a doubt about their suitability then the renting company will replace the employee.

  1. There are no additional costs for workforce rent

Workforce rent is easy, because comparing with your own recruiting you do not have any extra costs. You do not need to pay for using job websites, sickness or vacation compensation. Also, workforce rent offers You remarkable time and energy saving.  Just call to the renting company!

How to get rented employee? The whole process is not complicated. Just find Yourself a trustworthy rental company and explain them what kind of workers to You need. With this information they can start recruiting and will select You the best employees. After selection the paperwork will begin, if this is necessary then the rental company will also find the accommodation for employees. When paperwork is ready the employees will be brought to Your company.

You can find more information about workforce rent from our homepage.